We filmed a wedding in Cabo in June 2019 and we turned it in to a mini vacation. We stayed at Secrets Puerto Los Cabos. Here’s our review.

First off, I stayed at another all-inclusive in Cabo (Riu Santa Fe) a few years ago and Secrets Puerto Los Cabos was better in pretty much every facet. The food, facilities, etc. We had a great time.

The Room
My wife and I stayed in a swim out room and our friends stayed in the swim out room next door. It was a lot of fun being able to walk out our back door and hop in our own personal lazy river. Plus, we had a little sun shelf in the river where we could hang with our friends and sip on pint size coronas from our mini fridge. If you stay here, you need to get a swim out room. Room service and turn over service was efficient and the staff were all super friendly. I read on a review site about the staff being pushy about tips, but we never experienced that. You do not need to carry cash or cards.

Food and Drinks
We enjoyed all of the restaurants on the property. Grab a coffee at Coco Cafe, eat breakfast at Market Cafe (excellent breakfast spread), and snack on a quesadilla at the pool-side Barefoot Grille. While Tony and I shot a wedding at Acre Baja (see video below), our wives dined at Portofino (the reservation-only Italian restaurant). They enjoyed the fancy experience and they said the food was great. One note about the restaurants is that they all require sleeves (no tank tops). We had to go back to our room a couple times, because we forgot to wear sleeves.

The bars have all the spirits you could want and the drinks are what you’d expect. Nothing beats a good swim up bar and Secrets doesn’t disappoint. You can choose your spirit in the mixed drinks and they had a wide variety.

We did go off site for food once to eat dinner at Flora Farms, which is less than 15 minutes away. I’ve eaten at some amazing restaurants around the world, and Flora Farms ranks near the the top of the list. Acre Baja (where we shot the wedding) has incredible, farm-to-table, food as well. Both are worth checking out, but you will need reservations several weeks in advance.

My wife and I got a massage and it was lovely. That being said, you may be in Mexico where things tend to be cheaper, but that is not the case at the resort. The couples massage was priced comparably to resorts in the states.


  • It’s quiet. I suppose this could be a con for some folks, but we enjoyed that the resort lacked the spring break, stereotypical Cabo vibe. It was quiet and laid back, which was just what we were looking for.
  • We drove a rental car from the airport and the resort had free parking on-site.

Cons & Pro Tips

  • Depending on what you are looking for, Secrets is sort of off the beaten path. It’s about 45 minutes from Cabo San Lucas and “the strip.” It’s a bit remote.
  • The check-in process took about an hour. There was a long wait. That being said, they had drinks and food for us and the service was quite friendly.
  • Sleeves at all restaurants. I understand requiring them at the nicer restaurants, but it was not ideal having to have sleeves at all times. I like tank tops. Pro tip: bring close-toed shoes and shirts with sleeves so you are prepared.

Below you can see the wedding we filmed at Acre Baja (super cool venue) while we were in Mexico.