Hawaiian Wedding Destinations

The Aloha State is one of the more popular wedding destinations within the United States, and is home
to some of the friendliest, most relaxed people you will ever meet. A Hawaiian wedding is surrounded
by natural beauty, crystal clear blue oceans, tall mountains, and crashing waterfalls. Not only is this a
popular vacation destination, but most of the gorgeous resorts throughout the islands regularly host
weddings. There are endless opportunities and an abundance of amazing venue options, which
Thering.org can help you locate, when you plan your wedding in Hawaii. Each island within the state
provides something unique, allowing you to choose the ideal setting for your ceremony and reception.
Planning a Hawaiian destination wedding can be fun; even if you have never been to the islands before,
you can create a truly amazing wedding. There are endless selections of styles for weddings in Hawaii,
and most couples often go with semi-formal or casual, but this is not to say you cannot host a large
formal wedding, because these venues will accommodate your needs. Hawaiian beach weddings do
tend to be the most popular, but because of the countless settings and landscapes, you can organize
something that is truly breathtaking.

The variety of different venue settings throughout the Hawaiian Islands allows you to plan a small
intimate wedding or a large get-together. On average, Hawaii does tend to see the smaller number of
guests, but this should not prevent you from wanting to organize something bigger. The major islands of
Hawaii include Oahu, Maui, Hawaii Island, and Kauai, which all have luxurious and gorgeous resorts to
book any type of Hawaiian destination wedding you want. Hawaii has such as rich indigenous culture
with a vibrant history, which is very inspiring. You could use the traditional Hawaiian wedding flowers, or
serve local Hawaiian food during your wedding reception. Many of the wedding venues throughout the
four major islands will cater specifically to these customary elements. The beautiful settings and
landscapes and native culture can really make your wedding a true Hawaiian destination wedding.
Hawaiian weddings can be pricey, but with smart planning and budgeting, it can be feasible and well
within reach. If you are worried about making everything legal in Hawaii, the state of Hawaii has a handy
online system, which makes it easy for out of state couples to fill out and pay for their marriage license.

Typically, the state of Hawaii is quite warm all year-round, but some months are more suitable to have
weddings than other months. In Hawaii, summer and fall tend to be the peak seasons for marriage,
although spring does tend to also be popular. Even if you want to do a winter beach wedding in Hawaii,
you will not need to worry about cold weather. Because of the tropical location, the winters are not
much cooler compared to the rest of the year, and there are truly only two seasons, winter and summer,
with no real difference between the two. If the time of the year you get married does not necessarily
concern you, a Hawaiian destination wedding is ideal. However, wedding planners in Hawaii will warn
you about some dates to avoid. There are popular travel seasons for people coming from colder climates
and traveling to Hawaii during the winter months. Typically, it may be difficult to get a good bargain on
accommodations and airfare between December and April. What many wedding planners in Hawaii
recommend is if you want to avoid large crowds and high prices, the ideal time to book your wedding is
May, June, September, October or November. You and your guests will have an amazing experience
with a Hawaiian destination wedding, and it can be a vacation for everyone involved.