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A Christmas Together Tour Video

I have had the opportunity to work with the lovely folks at A Christmas Together several times over the past few years. On December 6th I had the opportunity to film the tour’s stop at Central Peninsula Church in Foster City, CA. This year’s iteration of the tour featured Tim Timmons, Jadon Lavik, PawnShop kings, and newcomers Sarah Macintosh and Micah Bournes. All of these musicians are crazy talented and are worth checking out.

Check www.achristmastogether.com for more details.

Aerial Videography Highlights

In the Spring of 2014, we purchased a DJI Phantom 2 and have since incorporated it into most of the videos we produce. Needless to say it has added a unique element to our wedding and corporate videos and has become a staple feature for our clients. One of the producers we often work with asked us to put together some highlights from this year.

Back in May, we had the opportunity to work with New York Times bestselling author, Danielle Walker, to create a promo video for her upcoming cookbook, Meals Made Simple (pre-order here). The book is going to be released next month and her publisher just posted the video on her site this weekend. This video was a lot of fun to shoot and we are looking forward to collaborating with Danielle again this year.

We teamed up with Monvera and Rosa d’Oro to create this video-our third in the “Beautiful Bottle” Series. Here is what Monvera had to say about the video:

For this installment of Monvera’s Beautiful Bottle, we are excited to feature an old-world-meets-new-technology wine collection from Rosa d’Oro Vineyards.

Designed by Kerri Green Design, the goal of this elaborately illustrated campaign of labels was to reflect history and grandeur of the ancient mosaics of Constantinople in 400 AD. The general idea is to bring Old World Italian grapes and winemaking with New World packaging technology in a way that respects both the Old Tradition and the winemakers location in warm-climate Northern California.

We are working with Monvera to create a series of videos highlighting various beautiful bottles they have created.

Here’s some info about the first bottle we’re highlighting:

The driving force behind any change in the way wineries produce their label is often caused by brand enhancements, cost savings or environmental concerns. In Waugh Cellars case, it achieved all three benefits by replacing the paper and then eliminating the foil. A win-win for Waugh.

Have you noticed the red cups at Starbucks? The Christmas music in the grocery stores? Santa in the mall (no joke)? That means Christmas is but weeks away! That said, you should check out this music video I shot with Jadon Lavik this summer. Jadon (and other So-Cal artists) will be hitting the road this winter for The Christmas Together Tour. We shot this video at a cabin near Saddleback Church in OC. The cabin was actually owned by one of the writers from the High School Musical movies and other Disney Channel gems. The  cabin was a perfect backdrop for Jadon’s nostalgic yuletide serenade. The video features footage from Jadon’s childhood and also recent clips from his family. The song is about reminiscing and holding on to memories of Christmas past. Merry Christmas!

I just got back from shooting in Orange County for the 2012 A Christmas Together Tour, featuring Jadon Lavik, Paul Wright, Evan Wickham, PawnShop kings, Molly Jenson, Tim Timmons and Dominic Balli. I also shot a separate music video for Jadon Lavik. It was a lot of fun to shoot with them and it’s always interesting shooting a Christmas music video in Orange County…in July. We shoot everywhere from San Clemente to Hollywood. The video will be fun to edit. The tour kicks off right after Thanksgiving and will hit most of the West Coast, from SoCal to Washington. Here are some pics from the shoots:

Here are the videos I shot last summer.

“Little Drummer Boy” – Jadon Lavik from matter video on Vimeo.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland from matter video on Vimeo.

A Christmas Together Promo 2012

I went to Fresno last month to shoot the Fresno date of A Christmas Together Tour. This promo video is going to be used to promote next year’s tour for booking purposes. It was a fun video to shoot and a great group of people to be a part of.

A Christmas (Together) in Fresno

Molly Jenson

Tim Timmons, PawnShop Kings & Drew Bray

Yesterday my family and I drove to Fresno so I could shoot a concert and so my wife could visit some of her extended family. Back in June I shot some promo videos in Orange County for “A Christmas Tour,” and it worked out for me to drive down to Fresno to shoot one of the tour dates. The tour featured Tyrone Wells, Jadon Lavik, Evan Wickham, Tim Timmons, PawnShop Kings, Molly Jenson, Roy Schenkenberger, and Drew Bray. The concert was great as all of the musicians on the tour are freakishly talented. The venue, Northpointe Church, went all out for the sold out show by decorating the stage with all things wintery (fake snow, trees, lights). The setting, stage lights and musicians made for great shooting. I am going to be putting together a tour video and backstage footage. Stay tuned.

This week the music video we made for Jadon Lavik’s “Little Drummer Boy” is featured on the main page of GodTube.com. The video was shot in June in Orange County and the Bay Area with Charles Meng as the “little” drummer boy. Ok, he’s not that little. The video is being hosted on various websites as well as receiving airplay on National Television (Gospel Music Channel – GMC). Enjoy!

The concept for the video revolved around a guy who plays the drums as a way of worshiping God. The video shows him returning to a place (the barn) where he may not have been in a while to “play his drum for him.” I love the irony of Charlie (6’6″ tall) playing the little drummer boy. It was fun to make.

Tech Specs: The video was shot using a Canon EOS 7D and a 5D Mark ii with the following lenses: Sigma 30mm 1.4, Canon 50mm 1.4, Canon f/4 24-105, and a Canon 70-200 2.8. Kessler Pocket Dolly.

UPDATE: The video is now posted on BEC Recordings website, CCM Online and other various sites.

Here is an HD version of the video as well: