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Bay Area Wedding Cinematography

2019 was an amazing year for us and we are excited to share our 2019 Bay Area wedding cinematography reel with all of you! We shot 28 weddings all over California and in Mexico. We are grateful for the folks who trusted us to help tell their story on such an important day.

We have close to 20 weddings booked so far for 2020, including one in Italy. We try to limit ourselves to 1 destination wedding a year and needless to say we are stoked for Lake Como.

If you are getting married this year, hit up our contact page. We would love to chat!

Excuse the pretentious blog post title, we used Best Bay Area Wedding Videographers for Google and the clicks. Now that you’re here though, check out our 2019 wedding highlight reel. The video features clips from all 26 weddings we filmed in 2019. Here’s to a great 2020!