My wife and I just booked plane tickets to South Africa and will be heading there in June. I have always wanted to go to South Africa (I’ve been to Northern Africa) and am blessed to be able to do so this year. We have a friend who works at an orphanage called Door of Hope and we will be staying with her in Johannesburg. I will be making a promo video for Door of Hope and we will be working with the kids and helping our friend with her daily routine at the orphanage. At the end of our trip we are going to head down to Cape Town for our 6th wedding anniversary. Not only am I excited for the experience of going to South Africa with my wife, but I am also grateful to be able to make a video for something as important and meaningful as Door of Hope. It has been my goal, from the beginning of this company, to make videos that have meaning and substance and this opportunity provides an avenue for me to use my resources and abilities to do some thing that matters. Dang, sounded cheesy! Anyway, I will keep you posted.


Cape Town, South Africa