What do you get when you mix a Latin American groom, a Jordanian bride, and a beautiful Greek Orthodox church in San Francisco? If you guessed the “Guajara wedding,” you are correct. On a unseasonably cold July day, Irene and Zzane shared their vows in front of a large gathering of family and friends. To say that this wedding was fun would be an understatement. From the traditional ceremony, to the mariachi band and candle dance, the Guajara wedding was one that we will never forget.

Shot/Edited: Dan Bowen
2nd shooter: Adam Hillyer
Music (as chosen by the couple): “Piazza, New York Catcher” – Belle and Sebastian; “Love and Some Verses” – Iron and Wine

Camera/equipment specs: Canon 5D Mark iii, Canon 7D, Canon 6D, 70-200 2.8, 50mm 1.2, Sigma 30mm 1.4, 24-105 f/4, Rhino Steadycam, DJI Phantom 2, GoPro Hero Black 3+