Hi, I’m Daniel. To be honest, my wife and mom are the only people who really call me that so you can call me Dan.

I started Matter because I am passionate about people and making videos. I want to make videos that matter (I promise that is the only time I will use that play on words in this section). My goal is to create videos that capture moments and stories that are significant to you: your wedding day, your organization, your company, your story. I have been making videos since 2000 and I teach Video Production (as well as Leadership) at a local high school. When I am not making videos, I like to travel and spend time with my wife and 3 kids. They are much cuter than me.



Travis Bell has been working as a 2nd shooter/Assistant for Matter Video for several years. His laid back personality and excellent eye make him a perfect addition to the Matter team. He is often mistaken for Dan’s brother, but as far as we know they are not related. Travis loves traveling, is passionate about people, coffee, the Bay Area (he knows SF and Oakland like the back of his hand) and enjoys going to Truckee with his wife, Lindsay, and daughter, Daivy. You will love him. Trust us.     




Melissa Bowen married Dan in 2005 and not only is she the mom of 3 kids, but she is also a pretty stellar cinematographer. When she’s not teaching kindergarten, hiking, or spending time with her family, she lends her skills to the Matter team as a 2nd shooter. She is quite possibly the easiest person to get along with that you will ever meet. She makes brides and grooms feel like they are the most important people in the world. Then again, she sort of does that with everyone.







Tony Santoro has been working with Matter Video for the past few years. He is a graphic designer with a creative eye for detail and an inclination toward the aesthetic. He loves people, art, science (he used to work as surgeon in a lab…for real) and is also quite the conversationalist. He is the type of person everyone would like to have as a friend and, lucky for you, there’s a good chance he will help film your wedding!